Some useful ACRONYMS.

ANFSCD and now for something completely different
AWGTHTGTTA are we going to have to go through this again?
BBIAB be back in a bit
BBL be back later
BION believe it or not
BOL be on later
BTDT been there done that
CDIWY couldn't do it without you
for crying out loud
GAL get a life
GBR garbled beyond recovery
GMAB give me a break
GMTA great minds think alike
IDGI I don't get it (also UDGI)
IDTT I'll drink to that
II Iím impressed (also and more useful: INI)
IMAO in my arrogant opinion
OFIS on floor with stitches
EOL end of lecture
CNP continue in next post
SCNR sorry, could not resist
SOMY sick of me yet?
SITWB sorry, in the wrong box
ITOTBU I thought of that before you
YY4U too wise for you (also: URYY4M)