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Until I found "Anne with an E" I thought that "Heartland" was the most uplifting series to the spirit that I had ever seen. I still love "Heartland", but AWANE is very special - as is the whole story and life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of "Anne of Green Gables".

Amybeth McNulty's performance as Anne is probably the most sustained, stunning, sublime and indeed magical that I have ever seen. She makes her astonishing, beautiful, inspiring and sometimes infuriating character believable, and this series totally addictive. The author of "Anne of Green Gables" created a masterpiece of love and imagination, and this production does it full justice. The way it shows an extraordinary girl, the best and worst of people, the social mores of the time and children growing up is sublimely wonderful.

Amybeth McNulty as Anne Shirley Cuthbert
in "Anne with an e"
With the sublime help of all the others concerned, Moira Wally-Beckett has produced a stunning masterpiece. The three-series are not ONLY a beautiful love-story, a historical record and the moving sight of watching children grow up but - and I suspect this may have been Moira's main objective - an absolutely devastating attack on prejudice, narrow-mindedness, bigotry, misogyny and homophobia - and of course correspondingly a glorification of beauty, imagination, tolerance, social commitment, equality and LOVE in all its manifestations. In other words, she was not just content to tell Anne's story, but to put across a message about the Human Spirit. This I think is why I am completely in love with this series - and totally awestruck by Moira's vision and achievement.