Some exercises and links for students of Asia

SELF-TESTING: Things You should Know
Powerpoint Asian Countries Seas and Lakes of ALL Asia
Asian Populations Seas & Islands of SOUTH-EAST Asia
Chinese Provinces Central Asia: Countries & Capitals
Excel Asian Countries & Capitals

Other DATA on Asia
Excel Basic Stats (population, land area & GDP)

BBC Asian Country Profiles


China Japan Rest of Asia
Mountainside City - Shanxi Doing Business in Japan Children of Asia
Chinese Ice Sculptures Work Organisation in Japan  
Tianmen Mountains Japanese Etiquette (pdf)
Chinese Bridges "Life in Yokohama" Diary (CS)
Tibet Hikikomori (pdf)
Qinghai-Lhasa Railway Japan Phototours (CS)
  How an Englishman
saved Japan's Cherry Blossom
Negotiating in China Japanese Business Anecdotes  
My Lanzhou Diary (CS) 10 Ways Japan is 10 Years Ahead
China Phototours (CS) The Big Store Opening Ritual
Video from Lanzhou Visit (CS) 12 Things NOT to do in Japan  
  10 Things to know BEFORE coming